Apps you should have for rooted Android devices

After rooting my android device, I realized, that there are a variety of apps which are very powerful if you have a rooted device. In this post, I want to introduce you to my favorite apps which are only for rooted devices or are more useful on rooted devices.

Voltage Control

This simple app allows you to change the CPU govenours, IO shedulers and the CPU frequency. It does not have profiles and all this “if screen turned of then…” stuff which is, in my opinion, positive in any way. Additionally, this app is completely free and has no advertisement what so ever.


Another great app, which also works on not rooted devices. Of course the full potential of this app is only accessible with root rights. Furthermore the power of this app can be extended by installing an extension called xposed framework. So what does this app do? It simply puts all selected apps in a hibernate mode, which makes the apps use much less power than they would normally do. With the additional exposed framework, one can unlock the experimental features.

OS Monitor

Another app, which only works with root rights. This app is similar to htop in Linux or taskmanager in windows. It allows the user to list and interact with all running process, connections and other stuff.


A must have for all rooted phones. This app simply is a firewall with blacklists or whitelists and some other stuff like logs. You can select which app is allowed to connect via Wifi and/or mobile Internet.

GSam Battery Monitor

This is the best app for tracking your battery. It shows you which app sucks the most out of your battery and shows you all sort of information about the battery drain. Definitely a must have.


Awesome app. Basically this app allows you to record your typing on the screen, and then allows you to play back what you just recorded. You can also define how much you want your recording to be played back.